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Breezair since 1972, engineering and manufacturing

Breezair is a brand of Seeley International which began as Seeley Brothers in 1972, founded by Frank Seeley and his family. Today the company is still totally owned by the Seeley family and their entrepreneurial and innovative skills have been augmented by a professional management team. Today Seeley International is a world leader in both the product and process technology of evaporative cooling and continues to invest heavily in maintaining product leadership.
Within Europe, the company has a new marketing and distribution network, which services the entire region. There are Sales Branches and service organisations in most countries supported by corporate sales, marketing teams, distributors, dealers and installers.

Breezair Evaporative cooling System

Big premises

Big premises
Open spaces

Open spaces
Temporary installations

Temporary installations

Innovative state of the art technology

What makes Breezair shine above all others as an innovative world-class evaporative air conditioning system is the investment made in developing next generation features. For over 30 years Breezair has been synonymous with leading-edge technology, innovative design and superior cooling.

Let Nature Do The Work

Let Nature Do The WorkThe beauty of evaporative cooling is its simplicity. It is a process that has been utilised for hundreds of years. The Arabs hung wet blankets in the entrances of their tents and the Greeks placed terracotta pots filled with water in their windows.
This process occurs naturally whenever water and hot air come into contact. Natural evaporation takes place which absorbs the heat and cools the hot air by several degrees.

How Does An Evaporative Cooler Work

Each Breezair cooler contains large cooling pads and during the operation cycle these pads are kept constantly wet. Hot air is drawn into the Breezair cooler by a quiet, powerful centrifugal fan. The air passes through the water soaked pads and the water absorbs some of the heat by a natural evaporation process, resulting in a cool, refreshing breeze.

The intelligent choice

Evaporative cooling is usually the only viable option when cooling large areas. A Breezair system consumes up to 80% less energy than a conventional air conditioning system. Doors and windows can be left open with absolutely no loss in cooling efficiency, the air is 100% fresh, with no risk of recirculation fumes, germs or odours and most importantly as the ambient temperature rises, the more cooling you get inside - the fundamental benefit of the evaporative process.
If you only need to cool small areas within a large space then evaporative cooling provides you with the only effective option - spot cooling. An envelope of cool, high velocity air can be directed to a specific area irrespective of the surrounding conditions.

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